Happy New Year from DevvelopU!

New Year’s Eve is a time for reflection and excitement as we prepare for a brand new year.  Instead of getting hung up on what didn’t go as planned in 2017, it’s time to wipe the slate clean and dream up all that could go right for us as we’re presented with a chance for new opportunities and beginnings.  

Here’s how YOU can successfully achieve your 2018 resolutions:

  • Think of your new year’s resolutions as goals.  Whether they are big or small, break them down into milestones to help you map out a path for completion.
  • Be realistic (we can't stress this enough)!  Setting resolutions, or goals, that aren’t achievable in the first place will only lead to disappointment.  Be honest with yourself and take the time to think through the “how” (or, your plan for achieving your goal).  
  • Be optimistic!  Of course, this can be easier said than done (especially with all of the reminiscing and reflecting on 2017...the good AND the bad),  but it really is the way to go.  A little positivity will go a long way!    
  • Last but not least…be happy!  It’s so easy to get caught up in the buzzing of the world’s events around us.  Take time to appreciate the simple fact that you’re being given the opportunity to step into a new year.  Think about how powerful this truly is…that you have a chance to turn things around (or continue down the right path).  Many of us take this for granted. There’s nothing like a fresh start - so, take a deep breath and jump into the new year with the confidence that it will be awesome!

Taking Steps Together

Anything you do is easier when you have support. Success will come a lot more quickly to those who are willing to learn from others.  Here’s why building relationships and working with others is an essential part of your development:

Your community can help you think outside the box.  Discussing your goals with others opens you up for the opportunity to receive important feedback from people you trust.  Members of your community will rely on you to share insights with them as well.

Meeting new people helps you grow.  Hearing differing perspectives and having meaningful discussions will help you to think about things in a new light.  The bigger your network, the more opportunity you’ll have to learn.

You’ll have new experiences to shape your future.  Discovering who you are and learning about yourself is a continuous part of the development process. The more you push yourself to experience new things, the greater growth you’ll have.  For example, if you always stay in your comfort zone, you’ll never experience anything that challenges your thinking.  If something is always the same, it can’t ever change or evolve. 

Paying it forward is always a good idea.  It’s worth your time to build relationships and support those around you.  You’ll enjoy success a lot more if you lift up others along the way. 

How to prioritize time for yourself

It’s easy to get caught up in what we do for others.  Most of us spend the majority of our time doing things for other people - we work for others, we do favors for others, and put the needs of others before our own.  And a lot of the time, there’s nothing wrong with that - many of us are taught from a young age that we should put others first.  So with that said, why is it so important to take time once in a while to focus on yourself?

  • It helps you to be more productive.  If you set aside time to do something you love, think about how productive you’d be during work or at school.  If you have something to look forward to, it helps to improve your outlook on everything else around you.  
  • It prevents burn out.  Solely focusing on the daily responsibilities we have that must be done can be exhausting.  There’s no shame in taking a little time to re-charge for your own well being.   Doing this will renew your energy and outlook.  
  • It allows for a creative outlet.  The interests we develop and the things we love are what makes us unique.  It’s who we are.  Not allowing yourself time for those things could easily make life boring.  How will you ever grow into the person you were meant to be if you don’t allow yourself the time to explore what that means?  Don’t stifle your development by not allowing yourself the time for the journey.