How to prioritize time for yourself

It’s easy to get caught up in what we do for others.  Most of us spend the majority of our time doing things for other people - we work for others, we do favors for others, and put the needs of others before our own.  And a lot of the time, there’s nothing wrong with that - many of us are taught from a young age that we should put others first.  So with that said, why is it so important to take time once in a while to focus on yourself?

  • It helps you to be more productive.  If you set aside time to do something you love, think about how productive you’d be during work or at school.  If you have something to look forward to, it helps to improve your outlook on everything else around you.  
  • It prevents burn out.  Solely focusing on the daily responsibilities we have that must be done can be exhausting.  There’s no shame in taking a little time to re-charge for your own well being.   Doing this will renew your energy and outlook.  
  • It allows for a creative outlet.  The interests we develop and the things we love are what makes us unique.  It’s who we are.  Not allowing yourself time for those things could easily make life boring.  How will you ever grow into the person you were meant to be if you don’t allow yourself the time to explore what that means?  Don’t stifle your development by not allowing yourself the time for the journey.

The Most Rewarding Experience

After two years of hard work, perseverance, and even a few setbacks, we have achieved the biggest goal we’ve ever set for ourselves.   DevvelopU is officially LAUNCHED and available for download through iOS and Android!  

Over the past few weeks, some people had asked us how we were feeling about the upcoming launch.   “Stressed” was the only thing that could easily come to mind, but that really doesn’t answer the question.  In fact, it’s really a poor choice of words, and doesn’t tell our story at all.  I decided to take a piece of my own advice that I’ve written about in the past.  I took a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come over the past two years, and as I thought about all of the good and bad leading up to launch day, it made me really appreciate our journey.  So, instead of saying we’re feeling “stressed”, I think we can safely say we feel:

Excited.  How awesome is it that we set a HUGE goal for ourselves, completely out of both of our comfort zones, and actually achieved it?! 

Anxious.  In fact, I’ve never felt more anxious about anything in my life.  To know that we’re about to sling shot this product out into the public for the first time is so scary!  The thoughts of “what if people don’t like it?” and  “what if no one even uses it?!” have crossed my mind way too many times.  Why is it that when we’re trying to achieve a goal, it’s SO EASY to be negative?  For me, the negativity goes away when I remind myself about what I believe this product can do for those who give it a chance.   

Optimistic.  We truly believe that ANYONE has the ability to become the best version of themselves.  And I believe with my whole heart that we’ve created something that can make a difference in the lives of others.

Proud.  So incredibly proud that we set out to do something, and DID IT!!  

And, last but not least… thankful.  This experience has helped us both to grow in ways we never imagined, and appreciate each other in ways we never have before.  We encouraged each other to think differently, learned about true partnership, and even challenged each other when we needed it the most.  

Working alongside people you trust to achieve a goal is the most rewarding experience of all — that’s what DevvelopU is all about.  And that’s why you should download DevvelopU, today!

Dust off your goals...

With the new year quickly approaching, many people will start to think about resolutions for 2018.  But why wait until January to think about your goals?  There’s no time like the present!  Here’s how to dust off your goals and get a jump start to the new year:

Uncover goals from the past. Instead of creating new goals, think about goals you’ve had in the past that you didn’t achieve, or, goals that you never tried to achieve.  Instead of leaving things unfinished, face your old goals head on and pick up where you left off.  Not only will it boost your confidence, but it will motivate you to achieve more in the coming year.

Don’t wait until the new year to get started.  Procrastination never helped anyone when it comes to finding success and reaching your goals.  Don’t use waiting until 2018 as an excuse to start working for what you want - the remainder of 2017 is as good a time as any!  And, won’t it feel good to already have made progress towards a goal come January 1st?

Talk about it.  Sharing goals with people you trust will give you an extra “push" to help you get where you want to be.  The more you talk about your goals, the more real they become.  It’s important to build relationships with people who want to see you succeed.