Hey everyone, just wanted to touch base and say "thank you" for your continued support. We would like to introduce you to DevvelopU through the eyes of the founders.  Our mission at DevvelopU is to support and encourage anyone to become the best version of themselves, hence the “Be Your Best You” slogan.  Over the next 7 days, we will be sharing key features of the app, motivational and supportive messages, and ultimately our "What if you didn’t?" blog post. This is all leading up to our mobile app launch for both iOS & Android on Nov 19th. 

As mentioned, we believe that anyone can become the best version of themselves.  This is the foundation of what we know DevvelopU can do for anyone who gives it a chance.  Think about a world where EVERYONE strived to do their best.. in absolutely everything they did.  Imagine the inspiration, the fun, the creativity, and the positivity that the world would see.  The launch of DevvelopU will only scatch the surface of what’s possible as we help others unlock their true potential.

Thank you for joining us on the journey to "be your best you".