Create a goal

DevvelopU supports personal and professional development by allowing users to create meaningful, and achievable goals.  The platform allows a user to navigate easily through the goal creation process.  Naming the goal and determining a start and end date instills accountability from day one, which is a crucial piece of being successful.  Users have the ability to designate which goals are private for only them to see, or public, which allows them to share their progress with their community.  As a user creates their goal, they will determine objectives and routines (mini goals) —both will assist the user in successful completion of the goal.  DevvelopU defines an objective as a single event that will help you reach your goal, and routines as  scheduled events that will assist you in creating habits to make the goal more achievable. The “Brainstorm” feature is a great resource for a user to ensure they are creating meaningful goals for themselves.  This allows the user to think about what is important to them, reasons why, and resources they might need to be successful.  Taking the time to organize thoughts and ensure the creation of a realistic goal will increase the likelihood of success.