DevvelopU - Social Features

If you’re going to put the time and effort into building and developing your skills, shouldn’t it be entertaining?  In today’s world, so much of our lives revolve around having a constant connection to our friends and family.  We are all continuously checking in with others to see what they are doing in that moment.  Incorporating social features into the goal tracking foundation of DevvelopU makes for a unique and interactive goal setting experience.  
DevvelopU's feed page encourages social interaction with other app users, allowing them to share accomplishments with others.  Users can view the feed page as an opportunity to connect with peers while offering encouragement and feedback.  Want to congratulate someone on a job well done?  Give them a “high five”, or leave a comment in response to something they share.  Trying to find inspiration?  You’ll also be able to view the progress your contacts are making towards their own personal goals, which in turn, may trigger new interests, thoughts, or ideas for yourself.  Further embrace your community and motivate others by leaving positive and uplifting thoughts, pictures, and comments on the Motivational Wall.  
People rarely become successful on their own, and the process is more enjoyable when you involve your friends, family, and anyone else who supports you.   The social features of DevvelopU support a more meaningful, enjoyable, goal setting experience.   

Working towards your goals should be fun and exciting - and if you don’t feel that way, maybe you’re not working on/towards the right things?