DevvelopU- Sharing a goal

DevvelopU gives its users the option to share goals with others inside the app.  The concept of sharing goals, while it seems very simple, is a very powerful concept that other goal tracking apps have overlooked.  It is not uncommon to be working towards the same (or similar) goals as your friends or family.  Why not work together to accomplish these goals?   Why not make goal setting a team effort? 
A team is really just a group of individuals working towards a common goal.  And, what makes a team successful is the way the members work together in order to achieve their goal.  The DevvelopU app makes it very simple to share goals with others.  Use the “join this goal” option if you spot a goal that you want to collaborate on. Existing members of the goal, can choose to allow new members to join the goal. As a Member users will have access to a “shared journal”, that can act as a communication tool to share their challenges and ideas with each other, which enhances the learning and development of everyone. Sometimes you may just see a goal in your community feed that you want to work on, but would rather work independently, the “copy goal” feature allows you to do just that.  

The goal setting process doesn’t have to be daunting - make it fun by involving others!  Those who choose to share goals with others may see greater benefit to their development than those who work independently.