How to motivate yourself and inspire others.

 Motivation is key to reaching your goals.  If you’re not motivated, how will you accomplish anything?  Think about what is important to you, and what makes you happy.   Remembering what you're passionate about and keeping in mind your values and beliefs will help to guide you in the right direction throughout your journey.  You’ll be more likely to succeed if you’re working towards goals that directly correlate with your personal satisfaction.  If you’re going after something for someone else, and your heart isn’t in it, then you may fall flat. 

There are many other outside influences that can motivate you to achieve success.  Think about the people in your life - friends, family, co-workers... how will reaching your goals affect others around you?  Realizing the impact that your achievements will have on the ones you care about can give you that extra push you might need.

Another way people motivate themselves is through competition.  Interacting with others that share your same drive for success can help to motivate you towards meeting your goals.  And, think about how good it feels when you do accomplish something.  The sense of pride you feel after completing a goal you’ve worked hard for can help you to keep your focus.  Tracking your progress as you work to reach a goal helps you visualize how far you’ve come - and can push you to move forward.

If you’re still feeling stuck, look at it this way - the more you learn, the more you know, and the more capable you are of helping others along the way.  The more success you have, the more that others may look to you for inspiration in their own lives.  With this in mind, remember that:

  • Attitude is everything.  Everyone wants to be around someone who is positive and has a great outlook on life.  
  • Happiness is contagious.  If you know what you want, go get it.  Plain and simple.
  • It will benefit you to reach out to others along the way.  Why not support each other as we move along our own individual journeys?  Sometimes, our greatest motivation comes from the support of others who want to see us succeed.