How Trusting Yourself and Others Equates to Success 

Trust is a key component to any successful relationship in life.   When we’re growing up, we learn about trust from our parents or guardians.  It’s the basis of how we feel supported and safe.  Think about your relationship with your spouse or significant other - it wouldn’t be very strong if you didn't have trust.  Friendships are built on trust.  Communities are built on some aspect of trust.   And yet, so many of us have a complicated relationship with “trust” itself.   

Why is it so hard to trust?  From my perspective, the older I get, the harder it is to put trust into anything.  And the reason it’s hard is because it’s scary thinking about all the ways that trust has come back to bite you in the past.  Sometimes it feels easier to just say “no” to trusting anything, to prevent wounds in the future.   But, what I’ve come to realize is when we say “no” to trust, we’re still hurting ourselves by closing doors to opportunities, relationships, or experiences that could help us grow.  

When you think about it, goal setting has a lot to do with trust.  It requires trust between you and those who you seek feedback from in your community.  It requires trust between mentors and men-tee's.  And most importantly, it requires you to trust yourself—to do the right thing, to hold yourself accountable, and to believe that the goals you have will help you develop into the best version of yourself.   

If we want to achieve more in our lives, we have to learn to trust.  It’s essential to our personal growth and development.  The more trust we put into ourselves and others, the more opportunity and success we’ll find.