What exactly is a business “culture”, and why is it important? 

Many entrepreneurs know the challenges of getting a startup off the ground all too well.   One of the buzzwords many founders discuss during this process is “culture”.  So what exactly is the “culture” of a business?  The way we think of it, a culture is a direct reflection of the values that a business holds important and how employees uphold those values in their day to day work environment.   So - why is understanding your culture so important?  The truth is, the type of culture you create will directly impact the success of your business.  If your employees understand your vision and goals, they will be actively engaged and keep the values you have set for your business close to everything they do.  When they are actively interested in the well being of the business, they will be more likely to show you results.   

Once you identify the type of culture you want to create, there are a few key steps you can take with the help of DevvelopU to reinforce your ideas:

Communicate clear expectations. (Cascade goals directly to your team members so they are clear on what their priorities should be).

Make sure employees understand the goals for your business. (Keep the communication open by having regular check-ins with your team).

Provide them the resources they need to do their jobs successfully.  (Encourage them to engage in team work, sharing ideas, and provide them with support and motivation).

Hold them accountable .  (Easily monitor their progress and manage their performance).  

DevvelopU will give any founder the tools to manage their teams,  hold them accountable, and support the culture they envision for their business to be successful.